Bankruptcy Attorneys In Springfield, MA

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At Sabella Hogan, P.C., our skilled attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of business and bankruptcy law and have been helping individuals and businesses address and resolve financial issues for decades. Although we provide counsel for bankruptcy proceedings, we view it as a last resort and are committed to helping debtors, creditors and financial institutions avoid bankruptcy by developing creative solutions such as payment plans, debt restructuring, liquidation and reorganization.

Debt Relief And Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a complex area of the law that requires the knowledge and experience of seasoned bankruptcy attorneys. Our legal team will take a comprehensive look at all your debts, assets and any other factors that impact your financial situation. If we determine that bankruptcy is your only option, our attorneys will advise you on most effective course of action and vigorously defend your rights and interests.

In addition to handling Chapter 7 bankruptcy for businesses and individuals, we handle Chapter 11 business reorganization, which can allow your business to continue and help you get your finances back on solid ground. If you’re a business owner, our attorneys will advise you on ways to eliminate unprofitable aspects of your business and determine how to effectively restructure your debts and obligations. We also help individuals develop repayment plans for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which may save your home from foreclosure and reduce mortgage payments and tax debt.

Assistance For Creditors

Our extensive knowledge and experience in bankruptcy law empowers our attorneys to effectively assist creditors and lending institutions as well. Our attorneys are well-versed in the enforcement of creditor rights and may be able to obtain relief from automatic stays for secured lenders. We represent clients’ interests in adversary proceedings, which are separate from bankruptcy proceedings and often involve challenges to the dischargeability of certain debts. As counsel to unsecured creditors committees, our attorneys provide legal advice and assistance with negotiations to those who represent the interests of unsecured creditors in bankruptcy court proceedings.

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Our skilled legal team’s unique experience and perspectives enable us to effectively navigate federal and state bankruptcy law in both Massachusetts and Connecticut. Our bankruptcy attorneys are dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives for debt relief and financial restructuring using innovative and collaborative legal solutions. Sabella Hogan, P.C., is a federally designated debt relief agency. To schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney at our business law firm in Springfield, MA, call 413-333-5577 or contact us today.